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Why CA Final Ranker didn’t get Job in ICAI Placement Programme

Are there any examples of CA Final rankers who didn’t get employed later even after securing a rank?

Answered by Anirudh Tamret

Yes. There are. I have a close friend who was a ranker, AIR 33. His academic credentials were excellent. 90+ in his boards, commendable marks in his IPCC, etc.

He was expected to be placed in the merit list coz of sheer hard work and holistic approach towards preparations. He was a star.

Even AIR 33 was less for him according to his standards, but things kept getting better as he was called for multiple placements via the Institute’s placement portal.

Now comes the sad part.

While in the interviews, his limited articleship knowledge(yes, he didn’t do serious articleship. He was more focused on the academic part and thought that studies would bear him fruit and not 11–5 articleship) got out in the open.

Interviewers found out he hadn’t done serious articleship as he failed to answer even some of the basic questions related to practical life. This alerted the guys at the Institute, and his articleship experience was thoroughly investigated.

It was later found that he was very lenient in his office and couldn’t care less about work. His concentration was on studies rather than work and that left him devoid of indispensable practical experience.

He was later debarred from the interview process, and the black dot of rejection marred his Rank forever.

Why CA Final Ranker didn't get Job in ICAI Placement Programme

He wasn’t allowed to sit in future interviews conducted by the Placement Programme. Consequently, his complete lack of practical knowledge disallowed him to take any CA-centric job.

But the sheer hard worker he was, he took up the CFA US course, cleared it and is now working at a reputed bank in Chennai.

Life may be tough. Sometimes we forget how important little things are as we tend to restrict ourselves to our self-inflicted thoughts.

The guy, in spite of getting a rank, was deemed unfit for any CA-centric job. Was blacklisted by the Institute.

Getting a Rank is the not the only thing. Proper practical exposure is also needed to be a successful Chartered Accountant.

Answered by Neha

Yes, I know a girl who came to our office for a job. My boss hired her and offered her good pay too. So my boss asked her to go for Audit, and she asked what I’ll have to check there, and then Sir asked her a few question related to practical work, and she went numb and accepted she was a Dummy. And sir asked her either to go back home or work at Rs. 2000 per month. She refused to work on that meager amount.

Rank is just an award that won’t stay with us for whole life. What we need to know is practical work. Once you get into the office, every one will see how good you are at work not how good you were at academics.

“As Bournvita Ad says “Focus on learning not on marks.”

Having said this I never mean that we should not strive to get good marks, but learning is more important than just mugging up things.

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Answered by Ranjana

Yes! Some people has secured rank and has not got a job. The main reasons why CA students face this problem are:

  • Lack of practical exposure
  • Dummy arricleship
  • Concentrating more on academics than practical training
  • They may have good auditing skills but absence in accounting knowledge or vice versa.

So being CA students, we need to have a good practical exposure. Otherwise nothing will work all our hard work in academics will go in vein.

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