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What is TDS or Tax Deducted at Source | Complete Details

What is TDS or Tax Deducted at Source?

Tax deducted at source (TDS), as the very name implies aims at collection of revenue at the very source of income. It is essentially an indirect method of collecting tax which combines the concepts of “pay as you earn” and “collect as it is being earned.” Its significance to the government lies in the fact that it prepones the collection of tax, ensures a regular source of revenue, provides for a greater reach and wider base for tax. At the same time, to the tax payer, it distributes the incidence of tax and provides for a simple and convenient mode of payment.

The concept of TDS requires that the person on whom responsibility has been cast, is to deduct tax at the appropriate rates, from payments of specific nature which are being made to a specified recipient. The deducted sum is required to be deposited to the credit of the Central Government. The recipient from whose income tax has been deducted at source, gets the credit of the amount deducted in his personal assessment on the basis of the certificate issued by the deductor.

What is TDS or Tax Deducted at Source Complete Details

Who is to deduct TDS?

The statute requires deduction of tax at source from the income under the head salary. As such the existence of “employer-employee” relationship is the “sine-qua-non” for taxing a particular receipt under the head salaries. Such a relationship is said to exist when the employee not only works under the direct control and supervision of his employer but also is subject to the right of the employer to control the manner in which he carries out the instructions. Thus the law essentially requires the deduction of tax when;

(a) Payment is made by the employer to the employee.

(b) The payment is in the nature of salary and

(c) The income under the head salaries is above the maximum amount not chargeable to tax.

What is the rate at which TDS is deducted?

As per Section 192, the employer is required to deduct tax at source on the amount payable at the average rate of income tax. This is to be computed on the basis of rates in force for the financial year in which payment is made. The Finance Act of each financial year specifies the rates in force for deduction of tax at source.

What is the procedure for refund of TDS?

In case of excess deduction of tax at source, claim of refund of such excess TDS can be made by the deductor. The excess amount is refundable as per procedure laid down for refund of TDS.
The difference between the actual payment made by the deductor and the tax deducted at source or deductible, whichever is more will be treated as the excess payment made. This amount is to be first adjusted against any existing tax liability under any of the Direct Tax Acts. After meeting such liability, the balance amount is to be refunded.

Who is required to issue a TDS Certificate?

Every person deducting tax at source is required as per Section 203 to furnish a certificate to the payee to the effect that tax has been deducted along with certain other particulars. This certificate is usually called the TDS certificate. Even the banks deducting tax at the time of payment of pension are required to issue such certificates. In case of employees receiving salary income including pension, the certificate has to be issued in form No.16. The certificate is to be issued in the deductor’s own stationery. However, there is no obligation to issue TDS certificate in case of tax at source is not deducted /deductible by virtue of claims of exemptions/ deductions.

Issue of duplicate TDS certificate

Where the original TDS certificate is lost, the employee can approach the employer for issue of a duplicate TDS certificate. The employer may issue a duplicate cetificate on a plain paper giving the necessary details as contained in Form No. 16 (Relevant Rule-31(4)). However such a certificate has to be certified as duplicate by the deductor. Further the assessing officer before giving credit of the tax on basis of duplicate certificate is required to get payment certified from the assessing officer concerned and also obtain an indemnity bond from the assessee employee.

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