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Top 10 Most Profitable Transport Business Ideas at Low Cost 2019

Top 10 Most Profitable Transport Business Ideas at Low Cost in India 2019. In the previous articles, we have given How to Get a Swiping Machine and How to Block SBI ATM Card. Today we are discussing best transport businesses you can start now at low cost. India is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and in the entire world. Especially in the transport and logistics industry sector, India shows superior growth rates creating the enhanced potential for foreign players. The annual cost spends for Logistics services are estimated at 14% of the GDP as the share of the total value of goods.

Top 10 Most Profitable Transport Business Ideas at Low Cost 2017

The importance of Roads:

1. Roads play a very important role in the transportation of goods and passengers for short and medium distances.

2. It is comparatively easy and cheap to construct and maintain roads.

3. Road transport system establishes easy contact between farms, fields, factories and markets and provides door to door service.

4. Roads can negotiate high gradients and sharp turns which railways cannot do. As such, roads can be constructed in hilly areas also.

5. Roads act as great feeders to railways. Without good and sufficient roads, railways cannot collect sufficient produce to make their operation possible.

6. Road transport is more flexible than the railway transport. Buses and trucks may be stopped anywhere and at any time on the road for loading and unloading passengers and goods whereas trains stop only at particular stations.

7. Perishable commodities like vegetables, fruits, and milk are transported more easily and quickly by roads than by railways.

Due to above-mentioned advantages, the road transport has become very popular and its share is constantly increasing.

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List Of 10 Most Profitable Transport Business Ideas

Sl.noVehicle TypeService Provided
1 Ambulance Service


  • Ambulance service business demands comparatively small capital investment. In addition, you can start this business in big cities as well as in suburban. However, you must identify the local market demand for this type of service. Additionally, you must have a proper business network with local hospitals, nursing homes, and polyclinics.
2App Based Taxi Service


  • The Indian market for app-based taxi service is growing very fast. And Ola and Uber are now operating in the most cities. And attaching your own car with these companies will ensure a handsome monthly profit. In addition, if you want to enhance the earnings, you can attach more cars. In that case, you have to purchase the cars and it demands a handsome fixed capital investment.
3Car Rental


  • Car rental is the traditional business in India. A car rental company is a successful business in the small towns and tourist places. Here also you need to understand first the local demand. Generally, people who want to travel a certain distance and out of city destination are the target consumer of your business.
4Cold Chain


  • Cold chain company is a highly profitable business. However, the business demands substantial capital investment. A cold chain is simply a temperature-controlled supply chain. It helps to extend and ensure the shelf life of the highly perishable products. Another popular name of cold chain is cool cargo.
5 Livestock Carrier


  • The livestock industry in India provides the enormous opportunity to the entrepreneurs of our country. And livestock carrier transport is one of them. Generally, poultry birds, eggs, poultry chicks, goats are the major products that need special infrastructure at the time of transportation. Additionally, you can start this business with comparatively small capital investment.
6Logistics Company


  • A full-fledged logistic company is a lucrative business in India. The business is all about taking the orders and supplying the goods at your client’s location. You may not need to have several vehicles to start this business. However, you must have a strong vendor network to fulfill your client’s orders. Generally, every big and small product based company look for the professional and reliable logistic company for distribution of the products.
7Luxury Bus Rental


  • As the tourism industry is growing very fast, the demand for the luxury bus for rent is also increasing. In addition, people also look for this type of rental service for the marriage ceremony. However, this business demands a substantial upfront capital investment. In addition, you can also arrange package tour throughout the year to enhance the profitability of your business.
8Packers & Movers


  • Packers & movers company is a highly cash-intensive business. However, it provides a good margin to the owners. In addition, you can start the business with small capital concentrating a small area. As your business grows, you can expand the area of operation. Generally, for the professional reasons, people need to relocate suddenly. And they always look for a good company for the hassle free and damage proof transportation of their goods. However, making a brand equity is must for getting the long-term success in this business
9Pool Car


  • School pool car service is now an emerging business in India. And the business is really lucrative. However, you must analyze the local demand before commencing the business. Nowadays, small cities and suburban areas are the great markets for this business. These days parents are ready to send their children to a quality school for better education. And the increasing demand for quality education has increased the demand for the school pool car services.
10Recovery Van Service


  • Recovery van or break down van is the low-cost transport business. In addition, this business demands one-time investment. Apart from the vehicle maintenance and operational costs, you don’t need to spend a lot of money in running the business.

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