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Top 30 Most Trending Leasing and Renting Business Ideas 2019

Top 30 Most Trending Leasing & Renting Business Ideas. In the previous article, we have given Top 10 Most Profitable Transport Business Ideas at Low Cost 2019. Today we are discussing top 30 leasing and renting business ideas in 2017. Today earning income becomes easy when we have chosen the best way.A smart way where you can earn a huge profit is Leasing and renting businesses.This business has long been a popular moneymaking industry, mainly because although not everyone can afford to purchase luxury or recreational equipment, they can pay the rent.

There are two different types of products that involve in the renting business. These are immovable property and movable assets. However, the investment depends on the product you choose for the rental business.

Also, when you are dealing with moveable products, you can spread your area of operation very fast. And this is not possible for a rental business that deals with immovable property. However, in the both cases, you must conduct a market research before commencing the business.

Top 30 Most Trending Leasing and Renting Business Ideas 2017

Top 30 Leasing and Renting Business Ideas 2019

ATM Space Renting

If you are looking forward to a fixed monthly income, ATM space renting is a good business proposition.Nowadays Demand for retail space business is growing rapidly in India in recent years. As space is a perishable item, the demand for retail space in business locations is ever increasing. Banking organizations in India are on a spree to reach customers as near as possible. Hence demand for space for ATM is high.The banks usually rent the place for the certain amount of years and the contract is renewed every two or three years.You need a small room to accommodated ATM machine, electrical amenities and little floor area for customer transactions.

Audio Equipment Renting

Domestic, social or corporate function normally demands audio equipment. And people always get it on rent. If you have some basic idea of operating sound systems, you can start Since it requires small investment only.The demand for this type of service varies on different situations.Normally the demand increases in the festival seasons.

Apartment Rental Agency

This is one of the best ideas for getting Income.Apartment rental agency is a very profitable business and you do not need to invest much money. Deal with the apartment owner about the rent and terms. Many owners are searching for real estate agents who can give them clients.

Artificial Flower Trees Renting

Normally this type of Business has more demand on occasions.Artificial flower trees are used for indoor and outdoor decoration purpose. In occasion and special programs like a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate events people hire artificial trees and flowers to decorate the place temporarily.

Billboard Renting

Billboard renting is a nice business opportunity in the outdoor advertising industry.There are a lot of reputed companies who are only specialized in this business. You can start this business from your own locality. However, this business demands initial capital investment. In addition, you have to take care the licensing issues in this business.

Baby Furniture Leasing And Renting Business

This is the best option for who are interesting at part time jobs.Instead of buying baby furniture many parents like to have those on rent. The reason is, as the baby grows those items of furniture become useless for them. You can start this business as a home based and part time also.

Book Renting

Traditional book libraries are now outdated. These days, people prefer to have everything at the doorstep. And also, the current trend is online book rental service. There are several startup companies, now in India, are working on this concept. Initially, you can start the business from your own location. And as your business grows, you can scale up the business at any moment of time.

Bingo Equipment Renting

This Business relating to renting of adventure sports equipment.Bingo is very popular among the children and young people. It is considered as a most popular adventure sports. Bingo equipment renting is profitable and can be operated as part-time.

Car Rental Service

Today Car rental service becomes very trendy because of online car booking services are available at a lower cost but profitable.Car rental is a traditional business in the transportation industry in India. And luxury car service is more profitable than ordinary car rental service. You can give your car to the companies on a monthly rent basis. Otherwise, you can earn from the app-based taxi service companies like Ola and Uber.

Coffee Machine Renting

This is a comparatively low-cost business. Here, you must have some coffee machines with you. And you can give the machine to the clients on rent basis. Generally, social functions are your major target audience in this business.

Construction Equipment Renting

Maximum real estate and construction companies prefer to hire the construction equipment instead of buying. Because maximum construction equipment is very costly. In addition, Companies don’t need the machine on a regular basis.

However, this business demands experience and substantial capital investment. If you have no prior idea about the construction industry, don’t go for this business.

Camera And Accessories Renting

You can promote camera and accessories business by both two ways; online and offline. It is a very profitable business idea, provided you have a wide collection of camera and it’s accessories.

Conference Room Rental Business

Most of the businesses and companies are looking for conference room on rent for their special meeting or training programs. If you have such space, you can earn handsome money by renting it as a conference room.

Costume Rental Business

In costume rental business your main consumers are schools, acting institutions, and theater groups. This business can be initiated from home and can be operated as part-time.

Decorators or Tent House

This is a traditional business of our country. And the overall success of this business completely depends on the communication skill, networking ability, and local demand. In addition, the business demands a moderate upfront startup capital investment. Generally, a decorator or tent house service provider covers a wide range of functions and events. The list includes marriage ceremony, birthday party, political party conference, Sports tournaments etc.

Electric Wheelchair Renting

Electric wheelchair renting business for disabled and handicapped people is a great way of making money. You can operate this business as part time also.

Farm Equipment Renting

Farm equipment rental service is a very profitable business in the rural India locations. Generally, tractors, power tillers, seed sowing equipment, plant protection equipment and harvesting equipment are most popular. If you are living in an agriculture prone area, then you can start this business easily.

Flat Renting

Flat rental service is a lucrative opportunity for the metro cities and suburban areas. In addition, the business demands very less capital investment initially. Generally, the business is profitable in the locality where people find flats for the living or working purpose. And normally, property owners want to depend on a reliable and trusted property management company for their property.

Goods Vehicle Renting

This is an another very profitable business in the logistic industry. You can start the business by two ways. In the first option, you can start the business with one vehicle. Otherwise, you can start a full-fledged transport company with a number of vehicles.

Gas Cylinder Rental Business

Many people who often need to relocate for their professional purpose, always looking for gas cylinder rental service. This is one of the most profitable leasings and renting business ideas that can be initiated as a home based.

Home Appliances Renting

Home appliances rental service is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the urban India. Generally, a lot of people relocate frequently for their professional reasons. And they neither intend to buy the appliances nor carry the home appliance from the previous location. Therefore, they must depend on the appliances rental service.

Luxury Bus Service

Luxury bus rental is a profitable business in the domestic travel industry. However, the business demands a substantial capital investment in buying the luxury buses. People look for the bus rental services generally for the social functions like marriage and for tourism also.

Multimedia Projector Renting

The multimedia projector is an essential item for any type of professional presentations. In addition, this equipment is also widely used in the several types of domestic and corporate functions. Generally, the cost of a good quality multimedia projector machine starts from Rupees 10000 onwards.

Movie Renting

Movie renting business can be initiated from your home location. A wide collection of the movie will make you eligible to start this business. People always prefer rental service instead of buying movie DVDs.

Office Equipment Renting

This is an another self-rewarding and profitable business you can start with moderate capital investment. Generally, the startup companies always look for the office equipment rental service to keep their initial investment low. And you can help the entire startup community through this lucrative business opportunity.

Oxygen Cylinder Renting

Generally, oxygen cylinders have two different types of usage. One is the life-saving medical instrument and another is the industrial purpose. You can start an oxygen cylinder rental service business with moderate capital investment.

Party Supplies-Renting

Party supplies rental service is quite different from decorators or event management companies. Generally, here you only supply the required instruments and accessories. However, here you may or may not take the responsibility of entire party management.

Paying Guest

Offering paying guest facility is an emerging business in India. Generally, students and single working individuals look for this facility. In addition, a paying guest facility is cheaper and also comfortable for the newcomers in the city. If you have an extra room in your house, you can earn a handsome money from this business. In addition, you can also help other homeowners to get paying guests in exchange for fees.

Toy Renting

Online toy renting is one of the most trending opportunities in the rental industry. The business model is simple. Here you establish a small eCommerce site. And your clients put orders there. You deliver and pick up the toys at your client’s doorstep in exchange for money.

Vehicle Recovery Van Renting

Vehicle recovery van renting service is a traditional and profitable business. The population of vehicles is increasing very fast. And the rate of accident and damage too. So, the demand for this type of service is also in the increasing mode. In addition, you can start the business initially with one or two recovery vans.

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