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Instructions to CS Executive Professional Students Dec 2015

Instructions to CS Executive Professional Students Dec 2015. In previous post we have given CS Executive and Professional Study Material Dec 2015 and CS Executive and Professional Practice Test Papers for December 2015. Today we are providing instructions to CS Executive Professional students who are going to write CS Executive and Professional exams in December 2015. ICSI announced that CS Executive and Professional exams December 2015 will be conducted from 21st Dec 2015 to 31st Dec 2015 (CS Time Table) as per timings given in CS Admit Card Dec 2015. Candidates should read the instructions given below carefully and follow them in true letter and spirit for appearing in the examination.

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Instructions to CS Executive Professional Students Dec 2015

Important Instructions to CS Executive Professional Students December 2015

Part- a

General Instructions

1. Immediately, after taking the print-out of the Admit Card from the website www.icsi.edu, every candidate is advised to carefully verify all the particulars mentioned in his/her Admit Card, i.e. his/her Name, Photograph, Signature, Registration Number, Address, Stage and Module(s) of Examination enrolled for, Examination Centre (Name, Address, Code, etc.), Medium of Examination, Dates and Timings of Examination, Details of Paper-wise Exemption granted, etc. In case of any discrepancy, the same may please be brought to the notice of the Institute immediately at Tel. No. 011-33132333 / 66204999.

2. Candidates are also advised to carefully go through the “Instructions to Examinees” for their strict compliance. Since the particulars mentioned by the candidates on the OMR based cover page of the main answer book are to be read by a machine for result processing activities, any wrong information mentioned may affect the result of the candidate adversely and for that the Institute will not take any responsibility for rectifying such mistake(s).

3. Candidates should carry with them (i) Admit Card; and (ii) Student Identity Card to the Examination Centre every day for establishing their identity and securing admission to the examination, failing which they will not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall.

4. The Superintendent of Examination Centre and the Invigilators have been advised to verify the identity of each and every candidate at the time of entry into the Examination Hall and while taking candidate’s signature on the Attendance Sheet. Accordingly, each candidate must show his/her Admit Card and Student Identity Card to the Invigilator/Supervisory Staff on demand any time during the course of examination.

5. Candidates are advised to ensure that they are in possession of a valid Identity Card (Green Coloured Authenticated Identity Card sent by post by the Institute OR the downloaded Student Identity Card from www.icsi.edu duly attested by the authorized officials). In case, due to any reason, the photograph and signature of the student are not available in the downloaded Identity Card, the candidates should affix his/her photograph and put the signature on the downloaded Identity Card and get it attested by Gazetted Officer/Member of ICSI/Principal of Recognized School/Manager of Nationalised Bank, etc. For any reason, if some of the candidates are not holding the Identity Card due to technical/ practical problems, they may bring any other Photo Identity Card issued by the Government Departments viz. Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, UID Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, etc. to establish their identity vis-à-vis the particulars appearing in the Enrollment Details / Attendance Sheet. Please handover one identical photograph to the Superintendent of Examination Centre for affixing the same on the Attendance Sheet.

6. Provisionally registered students of Executive Programme are required to regularize their registration by submitting proof of passing Bachelor’s Degree Examinations within six months from the date of registration. Some of the students who have not complied with the requirements but sought enrollment to Examinations are being issued Admit Card for appearing in the Examinations on provisional basis. Notwithstanding the issue of Admit Card on provisional basis by giving benefit of doubt to the students, such students are hereby cautioned that the results of the examinations will be withheld pending submission of the requisite certificate. The date of passing the Bachelor’s Degree Examinations should be within six months of the date of registration and in case the actual date of passing the Bachelor’s Degree Examinations is beyond six months period, the registration will in any case be cancelled without further notice. Hence, those students who are yet to submit the certificate(s) are advised to immediately upload scanned copy(ies) of the requisite certificate(s) at “Manage Account” option followed by “Certificate Details” option at their online account at www.icsi.edu and may contact the Institute at Tel. No. 011-33132333 / 66204999 in case of any further query.

7. Candidates are advised to locate and visit the venue of the examination centre beforehand to avoid any inconvenience on the day of the examination.

8. Candidates will be allowed to enter into the Examination Hall 15 minutes before the time specified for the commencement of each examination and occupy their allotted seats in Examination Hall. No candidate shall be allowed to enter into the Examination Hall after the expiry of half-an-hour of the commencement of examination and no candidate shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall until the expiry of one hour after the commencement of examination.

9. The seating arrangements of the candidates shall be displayed on the notice board at the entrance of the examination centre. Candidates will find their roll numbers written against the seats allotted to them at the examination hall/ room. They should occupy their allotted seats only.

10. Candidates are not required to appear in the paper(s) in which they have been granted paper-wise exemption as shown in the Admit Card and Attendance Sheet. In case of any discrepancy in regard to paper-wise exemption shown in the Admit Card and/or Attendance Sheet, it should immediately be brought to the notice of the Superintendent of Examination Centre and the Directorate of Student Services of the Institute in writing through e-mail at : [email protected] or at Telephone Number No. 011- 33132333/66204999 for necessary clarification and confirmation. However, exemption in any paper(s) of examination should not be assumed unless confirmed in writing by the Institute.

11. The paper-wise exemption in any paper(s) of the examination, once sought by the candidate and granted by the Institute remains valid and is printed in his/her Admit Card (Roll No.) and taken on record for computation of his/her results unless it is cancelled by the student by submitting a formal request to the Institute. Exemption once cancelled on student’s request shall not be revived subsequently under any circumstances. Candidates fulfilling the eligibility conditions under 60% Marks Criteria have been granted exemption(s) in the respective papers and such exemption(s) has/have been shown in the Admit Card. . The status of available exemptions are also available in the individual accounts of the students at www.icsi.edu under “Programme Information”. Further, if such candidates appear in any paper disregarding the exemption granted & as shown in the Admit Card, the exemption will be cancelled by the Institute without notice and shall not be revived under any circumstances.

12. If any candidate appears at a centre other than the centre indicated in his/her Admit Card, the answer book(s) of such a candidate is liable to be cancelled.

13. The medium of writing the examination for Executive Programme, Professional Programme (Old Syllabus) and Professional Programme (New Syllabus) is English or Hindi as per the option exercised by the candidate and as indicated in the Admit Card (Roll. No.). Candidates, who write some of the papers /answers in Hindi medium and some in English medium other than the opted one, will be treated as cancelled. In case of any doubt or discrepancy in Hindi language in the question paper, the English version of the questions shall prevail.

14. All Question Papers will be provided in English language except the following papers of the Executive Programme, Module II, which will be provided in English with Hindi translation to those candidates who have opted Hindi Medium for writing their respective examinations and such Hindi Medium candidates must darken the circle against the column ‘Medium of Writing – HINDI’ on the cover page of their main Answer Book No.1:

No.Executive Programme- Module II
1Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
2Capital Markets and Securities Laws
3Industrial, Labour and General Laws (OMR Based Examination)

Such candidates should ensure that they received the question paper printed in Hindi language alongwith English version. In case question paper in Hindi medium as opted by him/her is not received, the matter be immediately brought to the notice of invigilator/center superintendent for immediate action. No representations shall be entertained subsequently in this regard.

15. No candidate shall bring with him/her or carry with him/her any Book, Study Material, Handwritten or Printed Notes, Pieces of paper (chits), Mobile Phone, Scientific or Programmable Calculator, Laptop, Palmtop, or any other communication device or gadget in the Examination Hall. The candidates are warned to remain prepared that in the event of suspicious behaviour of any examinee in the Examination Hall/ Room/Premises, he/she could be searched/ frisked to demonstrate that he/she does not possess any prohibited/objectionable item(s) with him/her.

16. Candidates are required to write answers to Questions in their own handwriting with pen/ball-point pen in blue or black ink and in no other coloured ink. Writing answers with red or green ink is prohibited. Accordingly, candidates are advised to bring their own pen, pencil, scale, ink-pot and ordinary calculator for their use. Lending/borrowing/exchange of any item during the examination in the Examination Hall/Room is prohibited.

17. Candidates are allowed to use their own battery operated noiseless and cordless ordinary calculator with not more than 6 functions, 12 digits and 2 memories. Use of programmable, scientific or printing model of calculators or calculators not conforming to above specifications shall not be permitted. Borrowing or exchange of calculators or any other item/material shall not be permitted in the Examination Hall.

18. Irrespective of use of calculator in the examination, candidates are advised to invariably show all important steps and working notes relating to solutions of practical problems along with their answers and rough work done should be marked as “ROUGH WORK TO QUESTION No. ……..” and scored off by drawing two parallel lines across such rough work.

19. On receipt of Question Paper, first of all, every candidate must write his/her Roll Number on top of Question Paper at the specified space provided on the front page. Further, every candidate is required to satisfy himself/herself that he/she has received correct and complete Question Paper and also verify it with reference to the Examination Time-Table & Programme, as given in the Admit card, and see that the total number of questions and printed pages as mentioned on the front page of the Question Paper are in order/complete in all respects.

20. In case any candidate has received a wrong question paper, i.e., question paper of a different subject/stage of the examination, he/she should immediately bring it to the notice of the invigilator/centre Superintendent and get it replaced with the correct question paper. No extra time for writing such examination and also no representation in this regard shall be entertained subsequently.

21. Candidates are warned not to write anything on the Question Paper (except their Roll Number and tick mark [] for the questions attempted), Admit Card, Student Identity Card, etc. and not to take away anything(s)/paper(s) from the Examination Room/Hall other than copy of their own Question Paper, Admit Card, Student Identity Card, Scale, Pen, Pencil and Calculator. Writing of hints, bullet points, short answers, etc., on Question Paper is strictly forbidden.

22. Candidates should write their Roll Number(s) in words and figures inside the boxes and darken the corresponding OMR circles provided on the cover page of the main answer book in blue or black ball point pen only and nowhere else in the answer book including additional answer book(s). Any violation of this instruction will tantamount to adoption of unfair means and will attract punishment which may include debarring from appearing in the examination.

23. The Attendance Sheets contain the perforated ‘Roll Number Barcode Stickers’ for each day’s paper for each candidate against his/her name. Before signing the Attendance Sheet on each day of examination, the candidate should remove the perforated ‘Roll Number Barcode Sticker’ of that particular paper from the Attendance Sheet and affix the same at the appropriate space in the box
provided on the cover page of the main Answer Book. Since OMR machine will read the Roll Number, candidates should check and ensure that the Roll Number written in words, figures and circles darkened are correct. In case this information is filled wrongly, Institute will not take any responsibility for rectifying the mistake.

24. While affixing the ‘Roll Number Barcode Sticker’ on the space provided on the cover page of main Answer Book, it must be ensured by each candidate that the Roll Number Barcode Sticker belongs to him/her and it is related to that particular day’s paper only. It must also be ensured that candidates should sign Attendance Sheet only after removal of the Roll Number Barcode Sticker and affixing it on the cover page of the Answer Book. This is to ensure that the candidate’s signature on the Attendance Sheet does not cross over into the sticker and deface it.

25. Every candidate on each day of the examination must sign the attendance sheet in the appropriate column against his/her Roll No. and in no case shall leave the examination hall without signing the attendance sheet. Candidates are required to carefully fill-up relevant particulars such as Roll Number, Date of Examination, Stage of Examination, Name of Subject, Medium of Writing, No. of Answer Books used, etc., at the appropriate space and put their signature(s) within the box provided for the purpose on the cover page of main Answer Book.

26. Each candidate is required to maintain uniform pattern and style of his/her handwriting on answer book(s) as well as signature(s) in all correspondence with the Institute —particularly while signing his/her Attendance Sheet and on cover page of main Answer Book in the Examination Hall/ Room with reference to his/her specimen signature appended on the Admit Card, Student Identity Card and Examination Enrolment Form.

27. Candidates should write answers on both sides of all pages of answer book(s) and use all pages of the main answer book before asking for additional answer book. In order to avoid wastage and possibility of misuse of answer book(s), candidates will be issued additional answer book only on demand after they have completely used the main answer book. Any attempt to tamper with the answer book(s) or tearing page(s) from the answer book(s) for any reason whatsoever, or taking them out of Examination Hall/Room shall tantamount to misconduct punishable under the examination rules and regulations and shall entail stern disciplinary action.

28. Candidates must not write any irrelevant matter, any sort of appeal to examiners, criticism of question paper, salutation or invocation to God, etc., in the answer book(s). Violation of this instruction shall tantamount to use of unfair means.

29. No candidate should leave or will be allowed to leave the Examination Hall (i) within one hour of commencement of examination; (ii) during last 15 minutes of the examination timing; (iii) without signing the Attendance Sheet; and (iv) without properly handing over his/her answer book(s) to the Invigilator.

30. In case any candidate leaves the examination hall/room after the expiry of one hour but before two hours of commencement of examination, he/she should surrender his/ her question paper to invigilator and he/she shall not be entitled to claim it subsequently.

31. Candidates must attempt questions in accordance with the directions as given on each Question Paper. If the questions are attempted in excess of the prescribed number, only the questions attempted first upto the required number will be valued and awarded marks and the remaining answer(s) will be ignored.

32. Answer to each question must be started from a fresh page and all parts/sub-question(s) of that question should be attempted consecutively and that the candidate must clearly and prominently mention respective Question No. at the start of answer and draw parallel lines underneath the question number on the left-hand side margin of the page e.g., “Ans. to Q. No. …”. Candidates are advised not to write anything on the left-hand side margin of pages of answer books except Question No./Sub-Question No. nor should they leave any blank space(s)/page(s) in between the answers or answer book(s).

33. Candidate must put a cross mark (X) against the respective Question No.(s) attempted by him/her in the appropriate box provided on the cover page of the answer book to indicate that cross (X) marked question(s) have been attempted by him/her.

34. Candidates are expected to write to-the-point answers to the questions in neat and legible handwriting citing relevant provisions of the Acts/Rules, quoting case law in support of the answers wherever applicable, and be conversant with the amendments to the laws made upto six months preceding the date of examination. Bad and illegible handwriting will be penalised.

35. Any answer book containing entirely illegible handwriting is liable to be awarded “ZERO” marks, if in addition to the original examiner, another examiner had examined and declared that the candidate’s handwriting in the answer book(s) was illegible.

36. The additional answer book(s) should be fastened to the main Answer Book No.1, in such a manner so that it lies flat when opened.The total number of answer book(s) used (including main answer book) must be clearly indicated on the cover page of the Answer Book No.1, e.g., 1 + 1 = 2 to denote use of one main answer book plus one additional answer book.

37. No candidate, without specific permission of the Superintendent/Invigilator, shall leave his/her seat during the course of examination. It shall be the personal responsibility of the candidate concerned appearing in the examination to properly fill-up all relevant particulars on the cover page of main answer book. On completion of examination or expiry of the prescribed examination timing, the answer books, even if the same is blank, must at once be handed over to the Invigilator on duty in his/her Room/Hall and the Invigilator’s signature be obtained in the relevant column of acknowledgement printed on the Admit Card in token of having handed over his/her answer books. The Superintendents of Examination Centers have been advised to issue acknowledgement in the aforesaid manner, through the Invigilators, for submission of answer books by the candidates.

Any representation regarding omission to hand over the written answer book(s) and/or additional answer book(s) or not obtaining the acknowledgement from the Invigilator for handing over his/her answer book(s), for any reason whatsoever, shall not be entertained after the examination in that paper is over.

39. Any candidate attempting to copy or found copying or referring to any printed/handwritten material, notes, books, etc., or exchanging notes or answer scripts with any other person or copying from the work of another candidate or allowing any other candidate to copy/refer to his/her work, helping or asking help from any other person in any manner or communicating by means of words, signs, gestures, codes, and other similar acts to exchange, impart or acquire relevant information in the examination will be viewed as misconduct in the examination. Similarly, any candidate found consulting, talking, whispering with any person in the Examination Hall/ Room or in the corridor/toilet within the centre premises during the course of examinations shall be dealt with severely and punished sternly under the rules and regulations.

40. The Superintendent of Examination has absolute power to expel a candidate from the Examination Hall/ Room if in his/her opinion the candidate has resorted to unfair means for the purpose of answering the examination or behaved in a disorderly manner in and around the Examination Hall/ Room or obstructed the Superintendent or invigilating staff in carrying out his/her duties or attempted to offer illegal gratification or attempted to apply undue influence or threatened or blackmail any person connected with conduct of examination. A candidate so expelled, must before leaving the Examination Hall, submit to the Institute his/her explanation in writing through the Superintendent of Examination. Once a candidate is so expelled, he/she will not be allowed to appear in the remaining paper(s) of the examination. Over and above, for any such misconduct of grave nature, the candidate shall be subject to
disciplinary action under the provisions of the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 and/or other appropriate legal action under the laws of the country and particulars of such candidates or cases will be suitably notified in the Institute’s official bulletins and on Institute’s website.


Instructions Specific To OMR Based Examination

For Candidates of Executive Programme

1. Examination in the following three subjects of the CS Executive Programme shall be held in OMR mode:

(i) Cost and Management Accounting ( Module-I)
(ii) Tax laws and Practice (Module -I)
(iii) Industrial, labour and General laws (Module -II)

Examination for the above three papers will be held on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December, 2015 respectively. The candidates will be provided a Question Paper Booklet and an OMR answer sheet for answering the questions.

2. The candidate must write his 6 digit Roll Number, as allotted to him/her and printed in the Admit Card, on OMR Answer Sheet in boxes and darken appropriate circles with Blue/Black Ball Point Pen. Similarly, write Question Paper Booklet Number as also the codes viz A or B or C or D, as the case may be, subject code and Exam Centre code on OMR Answer Sheet. The candidate should not write his/her name, Registration Number and also not to make noting/scribbling on the Answer Sheet and Question Paper Booklet except in the space provided for rough work. In case any candidate fills in the information wrongly, the Institute will not take any responsibility of rectifying the mistake. The Question Paper Booklet Code as darkened by the candidate will be final and the result will be processed on the basis of the circle darkened by him/her.

3. Candidates are required to correctly fill in the Question Paper Booklet Code (as mentioned on the top of the Question Paper Booklet) in the OMR Answer Sheet, as the same will be considered final for result computation. Candidates not filing the Question Paper Booklet Code will not be awarded any marks.

4. Each candidate will be given Question Paper Booklet printed in English except Industrial, Labour and General Laws, Paper of  Module-II where the Question Paper Booklet printed in English with Hindi translation (bi-lingual) will be given to the students who have opted Hindi as medium for writing the CS examination.

5. Candidates should not open the seal of the Question Paper Booklet before the time specified for the commencement of the examination.

6. Every candidate is required to satisfy that the Question Paper Booklet given to him is of the medium opted by him/ her and contains the number of pages as printed on the cover page of the booklet. In case of any discrepancy, he/she should ask for replacement of the Question Paper Booklet immediately.

7. The OMR Answer Sheet contains the serial number of questions as given in the Question Paper Booklet. Against each question number, there are four circles marked as A, B, C, and D which correspond to the four answer options of which one is to be darkened on the OMR Answer Sheet only. No marking should be done on the Question Paper Booklet.

8. Candidates are required to sign in the OMR Answer Sheets and Attendance Register/Sheet in the same manner as they have signed in their application form and Admit Card. Before signing the Attendance Sheet, candidate should remove the “Barcode Sticker” of that particular paper from the Attendance Sheet and affix the same vertically in the space provided on the OMR Answer Sheet.

9. The Question Paper Booklet will consist of 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s). Each question will be of one mark and for every question, four answer options designated as A, B, C and D are given in the Question Paper Booklet. The candidate is required to select one amongst the options corresponding to the question as his/her right answer and darken the circle i.e. A or B or C or D as the case may be, to be the answer in the OMR Answer Sheet with blue/black ball point pen only.

10. For each correct answer one mark will be awarded. There will be negative marking for wrong answers. The negative marking will be applied in the ratio of 1: 4, i.e. deduction of one (1) mark for every four (4) wrong answers and total marks obtained by the candidates would be rounded up to next whole number. Further, the negative marks would be limited to the extent of marks secured for correct answers so that no candidate shall secure less than zero mark in the subject concerned.

11. Multiple darkened circles for a question will be treated as wrong answer. For question/s not answered i.e. blanks, no marks will be given or deducted.

12. Candidate has no option to change/alter/erase the answer once he/she has answered the question by darkening the circle. Therefore, before darkening the circle corresponding to the question number he/she is advised to ensure the correctness/authenticity of the answer. Use of white/correction fluid, eraser, blade, etc. is not allowed on the OMR Answer Sheet.

13. The candidate will be required to surrender the OMR Answer Sheet at the conclusion of each session of examination against acknowledgement by the Invigilator on the admit card.

14. Candidates may bring a card board or clip board on which nothing has been written so as to avoid any difficulty in darkening the circles in OMR Answer Sheet as the tables/furniture provided in the examination hall may or may not have even or smooth surface.

Note: Infringement of any of these instructions (Part A and Part B) may render the candidates liable for disciplinary action which could lead to cancellation of results of the examination and/or studentship registration under the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 as in force.

Smoking, chewing of tobacco, betel, intoxicant, carrying or use of mobile phone, etc., is totally banned inside the examination room / hall / centre premises.

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