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ICWAI Final Syllabus 2016 | CMA Professional Course

ICWAI Final Syllabus 2016 | CMA Professional Course. In previous post we have given ICWAI PowerPoint Presentations For Final and CMA Final Practice Test Papers For June 2016. Today we are providing details about ICWAI Final syllabus 2016. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India has given a new notification about ICWAI Final syllabus 2016. In the given notification ICWAI announced that they are going to make some changes in ICWAI Final syllabus from Dec 2016. The Last Examination under “ ICWAI Syllabus 2012” shall be conducted in June 2017 and The First Examination under “ ICWAI Syllabus 2016” shall be conducted in December, 2016. Also ICWAI has changed the name of ICWAI Inter course to CMA Executive Course and ICWAI Final course to CMA Professional course. Read below official notification !!

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ICWAI Final Syllabus 2016 CMA Professional Course

ICWAI Final Syllabus 2016 | CMA Professional Course Complete Details

The First Examination under “ ICWAI Syllabus 2016” shall be conducted in December, 2016.

The Last Examination under “ ICWAI Syllabus 2012” shall be conducted in June 2017.

Examinations under both Syllabi shall be conducted simultaneously as under:

Examination to be held inExaminations to be held under
December 2016Syllabus 2012Syllabus 2016
June 2017Syllabus 2012Syllabus 2016
December 2017 and onwards (until further notification)Syllabus 2016

ICWAI Syllabus 2016 For CMA Professional

Read below ICWAI Syllabus 2016 for CMA Professional Exam.

Syllabus 2016 – Final Course (Modules V, VI, VII & VIII)

Module V

Paper 13 – Corporate Laws & Compliance
Paper 14 – Strategic Financial Management

Module VI

Paper 15 – Strategic Cost Management & Business Strategy
Paper 16 – Advanced Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

Module VII

Paper 17 – Cost and Management Audit
Paper 18 – Financial Analysis and Reporting

Module VIII

Paper 19 – Advanced Indirect Tax – Laws & Practice
Paper 20 – “Optional” to be selected from “Specialization Papers”

PAPER 20: OPTIONAL SUBJECTS – Specialization Papers ( any one to be selected/opted)

20A Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation

20B International Business

20C Treasury Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

20D Project Management and Control

20E Supply Chain Management

ICWAI Final Syllabus 2016 | CMA Professional Course Syllabus | Download PDF

Click below links to download ICWAI Professional course syllabus which is applicable from Dec 2016.

Paper 13Corporate Laws & ComplianceDownload
Paper 14Strategic Financial ManagementDownload
Paper 15Strategic Cost Management & Business StrategyDownload
Paper 16Advanced Direct Tax Laws and International TaxationDownload
Paper 17Cost and Management AuditDownload
Paper 18Financial Analysis and ReportingDownload
Paper 19Advanced Indirect Tax – Laws & PracticeDownload
Paper 20 AStrategic Performance Management and Business ValuationDownload
Paper 20 BInternational BusinessDownload
Paper 20 CTreasury Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementDownload
Paper 20 DProject Management and ControlDownload
Paper 20 ESupply Chain ManagementDownload

Special Features of Intermediate and Final Course Syllabus 2016

1. Groups consisting of 4(four)papers segregated into “Module” of 2(two) papers at Intermediate Level and Final Level.

2. 7 (seven) Papers at Final Level would be compulsory, spread in Modules. 1 (one) optional paper to be chosen from amongst 5 (five) different specialization options.

3. Each student at Final Course would enjoy the option to go ahead with their respective specialization subject/area, as per choice and preference.

4. Option to appear in Module/Modules as per choice of the student.

Training and Quality Assessment Tests During ICWAI Final Course (Mandatory)

1. Computer Training – SAP -FI & CO Module (50 hours)

2. Industry Oriented Training Program (7 days)

3. Advanced Managerial Skill Development Training (8 days) including Project Preparation and Presentation by Individual students.

4. On-line (24×7) Web-based Centralized Quality Assessment Test to seek eligibility (Mandatory Requirement to Qualify) with an eligibility criterion of 40% marks for appearing in Examinations.

Practical Training (Mandatory) for appearing in ICWAI Final Course

For being eligible to appear in Examinations :

Out of the total period of 3-years of Practical Training, a student must complete at least 6 (six) months of Practical Training at any time before appearing for “all the modules together” or “for the remaining Module/s” (i.e. Modules when appearing jointly, having qualified in the other module/s) of the Final Course.

Recognition of Work Experience :

For students who are already engaged in specified/recognized fields of work/activities including their past experience, would be considered for the purpose of ascertaining their period of practical training.

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