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How to Develop a Good Memory ? For CA CMA CS Students

How to Develop a Good Memory ? In previous post we have given Nine Study Habits of Successful CA CMA CS Students. Today we are providing an article about How to develop a good memory. Concentration of mind in intensive learning helps the student to quickly comprehend the study matter to the required extent, as also to remember it on a durable basis for purposes of presentation and communication at the appropriate occasion. In other words, it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning. There are a few simple ways to improve one’s memory skill, which are listed below.

Memories don’t just happen on their own.

You have to, quite literally, pay attention.

If you can’t attend to the subject at hand because you’re thinking about something else and not giving it your full focus, your brain never has the opportunity to absorb it into memory.

How to Develop a Good Memory For CA CMA CS Students

Developing a Good Memory

Intensive Practice

The students should have a high degree of patience for repetitively solving practical problems in the concerned subjects so that the whole mechanics of tackling and processing any type of problems get printed in their mind. They will be highly comfortable in the examination hall in attempting practical questions. So far as theoretical questions are concerned, remembering various portions of studies is possible, if they make several quick readings and revisions after the first round of intensive learning.

Be Well-organized

If a student prepares systematic notes on all the topics and keeps them in an orderly manner and refers to them frequently, his/her ability to remember the structure of the matter will be good. The process of recalling from the memory and presenting the matter in the examination are easy steps.


This is an easy and popular method of sharpening one’s memory power. You observe a small scene, a set of things at a place, the titles of books in a small book rack, the headings on the first page of a newspaper etc. for a very short while, then close your eyes and recall what you have observed and read, count how many items you were able to recall. Sharpening the power of observation by regular practice is one way to sharpen one’s memory power also.

Group Discussion

As stated earlier, formation of study circles and study groups for purposes of collective study and discussion are a powerful means of improved learning. Serious discussions and intensive exchange of views and insights on the things learnt, as also collective solution of practical problems are important ways of remembering various theoretical and practical topics.

Schematic Presentation

Another technique for improving memory is through use of tables, bullet points, diagrams, flow charts, circles etc. relating to the main contents of the subject matter. In addition, the formation of the memory codes by choosing key words and characters from the text contents will assist in easy recall and sequential presentation of answers in the examinations and to improve memory power.

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