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Check EPF Balance Easily by a Missed Call or SMS without any Charges

How to Check Your EPF Balance Online ?. EPF balance is the amount that is there in your EPF Account. EPF balance consists of amount deducted every month from your salary plus the amount that is contributed to your EPF account by your employer. Knowing your EPF balance can be a good indicator of your retirement savings. Employee’s Provident Fund, in the year 2013, launched an online enquiry platform for fund balance. The idea behind the move was to give employees quick access to information related to their PF account balance.

EPF is an important part of the remuneration structure of any salaried employee. Checking on EPF can give you valuable insights into the status of your PF account especially for instances when you wish to partially withdraw your PF amount or in case you wish to avail a loan against your EPF.

Before this services was made available to the users, finding out EPF balance was not an easy task and required forms to be filled and offices to be visited for knowing this simple information. With the launch of the online EPF balance check facility, individuals can now know their PF balance in the matter of few minutes.

Steps to know the PF Balance Check Online

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Steps to know the PF Balance Check Online

1- Visit ‘Know Your EPF Balance’ Page

To know the PF balance you have to visit the Know your EPF Balance Page. On the page, click on theknow your EPF balance link.

Member PF Balance

2-Select Your State

On the next page you have to select in which state your employer is registered. It may be that you are working in Tamilnadu office, but registered office of the company is in Delhi.

how to check pf Balance

3- Select Your Regional PF Office

After selection of state you have to select the regional PF office. There are many regional PF offices in every state. If you don’t know, check your salary slip there must be some code before the PF number (e. g. DL/NHP/xxxxxxx/000/xxxxxxxx). The first two alphabets is the code for region and next three alphabets is the code for PF office. Accordingly, you can choose your regional PF office.

PF Balance Online

PF Code for many organizations is changed. You can check new PF code from your employer through the below mentioned link.

Know Your Establishment Code

4- Fill You EPF Number

Look below, this is the next page for filling your pf number.

  • In the PF account number row the first two columns must be pre-filled according to your choice of OF office.
  • In the third column you have to fill the company or establishment code. Your colleagues must have similar code in their salary slip. The number should not be more than 7 digits. It can be less than 7 digits, no issues.
  • In the fourth column normally you should not fill anything unless there is extension number in your PF number. Check if there are three numbers given in your PF number. If yes, then the only middle number would be filled in the fourth column.
  • Last and fifth column is for your PF number. It should not be more than 7 digits.

PF balance Enquiry

  • In the second row, you have to fill your name as in the payslip.
  • In the third row, you have to give mobile number. at this number you will get the PF balance information through SMS.
  • Finally you must Agree to the terms.

Get PF Balance Details Through SMS

After submitting above details you must get SMS about your PF balance.

SMS would be like following

EPF balance in account number XX/XXX/*******/***/***** is EE Amt: ₹ *****, AMT: ₹ ****** as on )-EPFO

Note that amount is divided under two heads, The first one ‘EE’ is the employee contribution. While second one ‘ER’ is the contribution from the employer. You will see that employer contribution is less. This is because some amount of its contribution goes towards a pension scheme (maximum 541 rupees per month).

How to check EPF balance via UAN

UAN is the Universal Account Number which is unique for all individuals enrolled under the EPF scheme. This number does not change when you change your employer or your PF account number. UAN is a unique number assigned to each employee. UAN can be generated by logging in to the EPF website. Once you have registered your UAN, you will receive details like EPF balance and other such information on your mobile phone via sms.

Earlier this year, The Ministry of Labor and Employment had asked all organizations and employers to register their employees for the UAN and to ensure that EPF related formalities are up to date for all employees.

Here are a few steps that lead to EPF balance checking via UAN.

Step 1: Open the web page http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/

Step 2: Enter your Universal Account Number of UAN.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number at which you will receive SMS.

Step 4: Select your EPF state, and choose your city specific EPF office from the list. For example, if your PF state office is Karnataka and the local office is in Bangalore, then select Bangalore as the city.

Step 5: Fill in the captcha code that is prompted by the system. Finally you will receive the pin and the EPF balance details on the mobile number that you have furnished.

Missed Call Number To Get EPF Balance SMS

It has become very easy to check EPF balance. The EPFO has given the facility to know the balance in your EPF account instantly through the SMS. Yes! Using your mobile, you can know the EPF account status. There are three ways to check EPF account balance using the mobile.

  • Missed Call
  • SMS
  • Mobile App

Among these three, the missed call is most user-friendly. As it does not require a smartphone. You don’t need to remember the code for the SMS. Only you have to save the number of missed call. You would get the EPF balance in SMS format. Thus You can keep it for the records.

Missed Call Number to get EPF Balance SMS

EPFO has a dedicated number to tell your EPF balance. Pull out your mobile and save this number. It is not a fancy number but very useful as you get EPF balance by giving mssed call to this number.

011 22 901 406

The SMS You Get After the Missed Call

In response to the missed call, the EPFO would send you an SMS. This SMS contains the information about the EPF balance in your account. Along with this, the SMS has Following details.

  • PF number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • EPF balance
  • Last Contribution

Requirements to Know PF Balance

To get the EPF balance through the SMS, you must fulfill these condition.

  • You should have the UAN
  • The UAN should be activated.
  • Your correct mobile number should be given at UAN portal. If not change the mobile number first.
  • You should call from the same mobile number which is given at UAN portal.
  • Your UAN should have seeded the Bank Account number / PAN/ Adhaar number.

Send SMS to Know EPF account Balance

You can also check the PF account balance by sending an SMS. The EPF Balance check through the SMS gives you some additional facilities. In this method, you have the option to get the EPF account balance in your own language. Besides Hindi and English, you can choose 8 other languages. The SMS service is particularly useful when there is a network problem and you want the balance SMS in other than the English language.

To know the EPF balance through SMS, you have to send an SMS. The SMS is sent in the given format to the specified number.

Format of SMS to check EPF Balance is – EPFOHO UAN ENG

Number to receive SMS of EPF balance – 8123 456 123

EPFO Short Code SMS

Important points to keep in mind while checking EPF balance/to check pf balance:

With the introduction of technology in various government projects, the maintenance and tracking of EPF balance too has become a piece of cake. However, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind for successful login and viewing of EPF balance. Let us look into a few of these points.

  • For registration at member portal for passbook download, only one mobile number can be used for one registration
  • Any registered mobile number can view only one EPF account details and for more accounts either more phone numbers should be registered or PF transfer through form 13 needs to be applied for.
  • One member of the portal can view a maximum of up to 10 EPF account balances
  • Multiple id numbers can be added one after the other during registration so as to make use of any identity proof number during the time of registration.

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