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FAQ on CS Foundation Computer Based Exam

FAQ on CS Foundation Computer Based Exam. In previous post we have given CS Foundation Study Material for Dec 2015 and CS Foundation Practice Test Papers for December 2015 attempt. Today we are providing frequently asked questions on CS Foundation computer based exam. The Institute introduced Computer Based Examination (CBE) in place of OMR Based Examination for its Foundation Programme students from June, 2014 session of examination onwards. Consequently, the next Computer Based Examination for CS Foundation Programme will be held on 26th and 27th December, 2015. The Institute has prepared some FAQs given herein below to familiarise, guide and sensitise the students about CBE.

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FAQ on CS Foundation Computer Based Exam

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ on CS Foundation Computer Based Exam

Q.1: What is Computer Based Examination (CBE)?

A: In CBE, a candidate appears for the examination, which is conducted entirely through computer thus replacing use of paper and pen in the examination.

Q.2: Is computer knowledge required to appear in Computer Based Examination?

A: No. The computer interface is easy to use and requires no previous knowledge of computer. Candidates would be required to sit before a computer terminal and use computer-mouse while attempting the questions. Therefore the candidates, at the most, need to know only how to use computer-mouse in CBE.

Q.3: Is Computer Based Examination conducted using Internet?

A: No. CBE is conducted using secured Local Area Network (LAN).

Q.4: In case of any problem in computer or Local Area Network (LAN), who will assist the candidates?

A: IT professional(s) will remain present to assist the candidates in case of any eventuality.

Q.5: Where will the Computer Based Examination be held?

A: CBE would be held in all those cities in India and abroad where the Institute’s existing examinations are held and it shall be conducted at specified examination centres/venues. The list of examination centres is available on the Institute’s website: https://www.icsi.edu/…/Regionwise%20Centre%20List_Dec%202015% 20Exam.pdf. However, the address of examination centre/venue would be provided on the Candidates’ Admit Card.

Q.6: What are the dates for conduct of CBE in December, 2015 and maximum time allowed for each subject of examination?

A: CBE will be held in two days i.e. on 26 th & 27th December, 2015, as per the schedule provided in the Time-Table above. On each day, composite time of 90 minutes shall be provided to each candidate for both the papers (45 minutes in case of exemption in one paper. After the expiry of 90 minutes, the candidates will not be able to attempt any question or check the answer. The answers of candidates would be saved automatically by the computer system, even if the candidate has not clicked the “Finish” Button.

Q.7: How many questions would be there in each subject of Computer Based Examination?

A: There would be 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of two marks each in every subject of CBE. On day one, candidates would be examined in Paper-1 and Paper-2, carrying 100 MCQs in all, which would be required to be attempted in 90 minutes session of examination. Similar pattern would be followed on day two for Paper-3 and Paper-4, as per the schedule of examination given above.

Q.8: How to answer a question in Computer Based Examination?

A: The Questions may be answered in any order within the stipulated examination time. Each question shall be followed by four alternative answers marked as A, B, C and D. In order to answer a question, the candidate would “click” the option/answer which he/she thinks, as the most appropriate/correct. The option, so clicked will be highlighted, automatically saved and treated as “answer” given by the candidate.

Q. 9: When should a candidate report at the examination centre?

A: One hour before the scheduled time of start of examination.

Q.10: Can a candidate take the examination from home?

A: No. The CBE is to be taken in a secure testing environment at the specified examination centre. The presence of an authorized proctor is necessary to launch and monitor the examination process.

Q.11: Is there any negative marking for the wrong answer?

A: No. There is no negative marking for the wrong answer.

Q. 12: Can a candidate skip any question and return to the same later on?

A: A candidate can answer the question in any order he/she likes to attempt. In case a candidate does not wish to answer any question, he/she should not “click” answer for that question and instead “click” next question.

Q.13: Can a candidate review his/her answer?

A: A candidate has the option to “bookmark” any question to review at a later stage before clicking the “Finish” button.

Q.14: Can a candidate change his/her answer to any question?

A: Yes. A candidate can make changes in his/her answer(s) already chosen, by simply clicking the other alternate answer of his/her choice at any time before conclusion of examination or before clicking “Finish” button.

Q.15: How to enroll for Computer Based Examination, what is the examination fee and last date for enrolment for appearing in December, 2015 examination?

A: Candidates can apply online for the examination from 26 th August, 2015, through the Institute’s website: www.icsi.edu after logging into their respective accounts and by submitting the examination form along with the examination fee of Rs.1200/- through credit card/debit card/net-banking/Canara Bank challan system. A separate link for enrolment would be provided on the Institute’s website.

Last date for enrolment for appearing in December, 2015 examination is 25th September, 2015. However, a candidate may enrol himself/herself online up to 10th October, 2015 by paying late fee of Rs. 250/- over and above the examination fee of Rs. 1200/-.

Q.16: Will the candidates be allowed to Change the Examination Centre after submission of examination form and payment of examination fee?

A: Candidates may submit their online requests for change of Examination Centre upto 7th December, 2015 along with payment of Rs. 250/- for such change. After the said date, students will not be allowed to change the examination centre.

Q.17: When can candidates download the Admit Card for the examinations?

A: The Admit Card can be downloaded 10 days prior to the date of commencement of examination from the Institute’s website: www.icsi.edu.

Q.18: What will be the medium of questions for Computer Based Examination?

A: Questions will be provided both in English and Hindi language except for Business Management, Ethics and Communication subject, for which questions shall be provided in English language only.

Q.19: Can a candidate get examination center of his/her choice?

A: A candidate can opt for city of his/her choice as per the list of examination centers at the time of enrolling for the examination. However, allocation of specific examination venue and timings shall be at the sole discretion of the Institute and no request for change in this respect will be entertained.

Q.20: Will a candidate be getting some practice test before actually appearing in Computer Based Examination?

A: Mock Tests have been made available on the ICSI website for familiarizing the students with CBE. A candidate can practice as many times as he/she wants. This will allow the candidates to get acquainted with the format of Computer Based Examination in simulation environment.

Q.21: What will happen in case there is some problem in computer during the examination?

A: Additional computers will be available at the examination centers to take care of such problems. System will record every ‘click’ by a candidate and time remaining for the exam through countdown clock. In case of any problem, candidate can resume his/her exam at another computer exactly from the point where he/she last proceeded. Thus, there would no loss of time in case of any technical problem.

Q.22: What items a candidate is required to bring compulsorily at the examination center?

A: Candidates are required to bring their Admit Card, Student Identity Card (bearing photograph and signature of the candidate) issued by the ICSI duly attested, failing which they will not be allowed to enter the Examination Centre. If due to any reason, any of the candidates is not holding the Student Identity card, he/she must bring any other photo identity card issued by the Government Departments. viz. Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, UID Adhaar Card, Voter Card, etc. to establish his/her identity. However, carrying of Admit Card is compulsory.

Q.23: Is calculator allowed in Computer Based Examination?

A: Candidates are allowed to use their own battery operated, noiseless calculator with not more than six functions, 12 digits and 2 memories in the examination centre. However use of scientific calculators is not allowed.

Q: 24: What items are banned in the examination Hall/Room?

A: Mobile phones, I-Pads, palmtop, tab, pager as well as any kind of other communication equipments capable of being used as communication device, programmable, scientific or printing model of calculators, books, printed or handwritten material, etc. are banned inside the examination Hall/Room.

Q.25: Can a candidate get paper/sheets for rough work?

A: Yes, a blank sheet, if required will be provided at the exam centre for rough work during the exam. The same must be returned to the Test Administrator before leaving the examination room. However, students are required to bring their own blue/black ball point pen.

Q.26: How will a candidate come to know which of the questions are left unanswered?

A: A candidate can navigate between questions either by clicking on “Previous” or “Next” or by directly clicking on the question, which are displayed as attempted/un-attempted/bookmarked for review in the paper wise summary panel.There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question nos. in different colour scheme, which will indicate which are the questions answered, left unanswered and bookmarked for review.

Q.27: Will there be Help Desk to support the candidates?

A: Yes, there would be a Help Desk to resolve the queries of candidates appearing in CBE. Help Line Nos./e-mail id would be made available on the Institute’s website.

Q.28: Whether the question/question paper booklet would be provided as is made available in offline examination?

A: No questions/Question booklet in any form would be made available to the students. Questions asked in the CBE by the Institute are its intellectual property and their copyright solely vests in the Institute.

Q.29: Are candidates with disabilities accommodated in the examination center?

A: Yes, candidates with disabilities are provided extra time/scribe/special seating arrangements/accommodation. However, such candidates are required to apply in advance to the Institute for grant of concession in this regard as per the “Guidelines for Physically Challenged Candidates to Avail Facility of Scribe/Extra-time” hosted on the Institute’s website.

Q.30: Can a candidate, after the examination, submit his/her feedback at the examination centre?

A: A candidate may offer his/her comments about the exam centre or the conditions in which the examination was conducted by filling feedback form available on his/her system after conclusion of examination.

Q.31: When the results of CBE will be announced?

A: The date of declaration of result of CBE would be announced on the website of the Institute www.icsi.edu.

Q.32: What would happen if a candidate bookmarks a question but forgets to review later, and exam expires?

A: “Bookmark” is meant for reminding a candidate to review his/her answer at any time during the examination but before clicking the “Finish Button” However, if a candidate skips to review his/her “Bookmark” question later on, the option to the question clicked by the candidate earlier would be saved automatically and taken as final answer.

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