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CS Professional Open Book Exam | Preparation Tips

CS Professional Open Book Exam | Preparation Tips. In the previous post, we have given CS Professional Study Material and Important Amendments. Today we are providing details about CS professional open book exam and How to prepare for CS professional open book exam. First, what is open book exam? In OBE, the candidates would be allowed to consult their study material, class notes, textbooks, Bare Acts and other relevant papers, while attempting answers, as per the requirement of questions. The emphasis throughout would be in assessing the students’ understanding of the subject, applying their minds, rather than the ability to memorize large texts or rules or law.

CS Professional Open Book Exam | Preparation Tips

The Institute introduced Open Book Examination (OBE) in all the above five elective subjects from June 2014 onwards. However, in all other subjects/modules of Professional Programme (New Syllabus), students would continue to be examined as per traditional pattern of examinations.

Professional Programme (New Syllabus) offers five elective subjects in Module III, as mentioned herein below, out of which a student has to opt for only one subject to study and qualify that suits his aptitude, interest, ability and career goal:

1. Banking Law and Practice
2. Capital, Commodity and Money Market
3. Insurance Law and Practice
4. Intellectual Property Rights-Law and Practice
5. International Business -Laws and Practices.

This is to inculcate and develop skills of creative thinking, problem-solving and decision-making amongst students of its Professional Programme and to assess their analytical ability, the real understanding of acts and concepts and mastery to apply, rather than to simply recall replicate and reproduce concepts and principles in the examination.

Download: ICSI Professional Syllabus For June 2017 and December 2017

Unlike a conventional/typical examination, which assesses how much information candidates have been able to store in their minds, the success in this type of examination depends on the
candidate’s ability to understand the question, identify inherent issues, application of various techniques, laws, principles, etc. while solving answers with the help of supporting reference material.

The broad pattern of Question Paper for OBE would be as follows:

  • Each question paper would contain Six questions. Paper will be of 100 marks
  • Question No.1 will be of 50 marks based on case study ranging between 1800-2000
  • Question No.2 will be of 30 marks based on study of regulatory framework related to the
  • Question No.3-6 will be of 5 marks each covering important topics of the syllabus.

Candidates are not allowed to consult their fellow examinees or exchange their study material/notes, etc. with each other in the examination hall. Candidates are prohibited to bring in any electronic devices, such as the laptop, tab, I pad, palmtop, mobile phone, or any other electronic device/ gadget at the examination hall/room.

However, they are permitted to use their own battery operated noiseless and cordless pocket calculator with not more than six functions, twelve digits, and two memories. Model question paper(s) of OBE examination are available on the Institute’s website for reference of candidates.

Click here to see ICSI official notification about CS Professional Open Book Exam

How to Prepare For The CS Professional Open Book Exam?

The essential difference between closed book examinations and CS Professional open book exam is that the former is used to evaluate how much information the students have been able to store in their minds. While open book examination is used to evaluate the ability to acquire knowledge, to modify existing knowledge by new experience, to build new knowledge, and to apply available knowledge to solve problems and make intelligent decisions.

Suppose the examination consists of information based question like, “Explain the term strategic alliance?” students can then easily find the answers in the textbooks or notes, and copy them in their answer books. Such questions are not asked in open book examination.

Therefore it is a myth that open book examination does not require studying or they are easy to handle, as one can carry one’s book/material etc. In open book examination, books are used only as a source of reference; candidates are expected to give their own interpretation of concepts, which require prior studying and better understanding. So read in detail all concepts of the study material and try to apply them to new situations.

CS Professional Open Book Exam Dec 2015

In order to succeed in CS Professional open book exam, the student must follow the suggestion given below:

1. Acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge about the application of the subjects in real life, in terms of legislations, procedure and business perspective.

2. Understanding the intent and purpose of legislative framework relating to the subject

3. Develop skills to interpret the regulatory aspects

4. Logical reading and analyzing the possible issues/case /compliances

5. Correlating facts and circumstances given in the case with the applicable regulatory framework

6. Understanding the available procedural remedies

7. Listing out the skills required to tackle the given problem

8. Understanding the technical jargons relating to the subject.

9. Develop writing skills and present answers with proper logical reasoning

10. Practice solving as many case studies as possible.

11. Apprise yourself with recent developments, happenings in the subject

Case Studies

A case study is a descriptive, exploratory or explanatory analysis of a person, group or event. A case study is not just the recount of the issues and problems; it is also the detailing of solutions and recommendations. Regardless of the question format, the following process can be followed in successfully answering a case study during an exam:

1. Identify the Problem

2. Specify the limits and boundaries under which a case has to be solved

3. Cite the keywords given/narrated in the case

4. Make necessary assumptions

5. Identify possible solutions

6. Select best possible solution

7. Sum up the case which describes the problem and how the implementations plan of the best solution tackles it optimally.

CS Professional Open Book Exam Preparation Tips

Follow these below tips in CS Professional open book exam.

1. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the topics, which may be asked in the exam. Study your textbook, take notes and practice the questions.

2. During the exam, first, analyse the question, so you are clear about what exactly is being asked. Divide the question into parts if needed, Underline the topic words (what you are to write about) and Circle the task words (how you are to write about it).

3. Familiarize yourself with the format, layout, and structure of your textbooks and source materials. You do not have a lot of time to look for information in the exam. You need to know exactly where everything is. Organize your notes into cards or pages. Use sticky notes or tags in your books.

4. Before an open book test, identify key concepts and terms which will more than likely appear on the test. After you’ve done this, locate where this information is available in the book you’re permitted to use for the test. When doing this, your main concern is locating the information, not studying it.

5. Questions in open book exams require complex answers. You are expected to give a considered answer using reason and evidence to back it up.

6. Never copy information from the book word to word and pass it off as an answer. Examiners are concerned with what their students have learned, not whether they can locate information in a book. It is permissible to use quotes from the book to support your positions or analysis, but do not rely too heavily on them.

7. During an open book test, answer the questions you are familiar with before answering ones where you need the book. This will make it possible to complete the test on time.

8. Don’t over-answer; rather write answers which are concise, accurate, thoughtful and based on proper logical reasoning.

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