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CA CPT Result Dec 2017 | 17th January 2018 | icaiexam.icai.org

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India conducts CPT exam twice in a year in the months of June and December. CPT exam Dec 2017 completed on 17th December 2017 all over India.

Students who wrote CPT exam December 2017, eagerly waiting for their CPT result. In general, ICAI declares CA CPT exam result, within 1 month after completion of CA CPT exam.

So CPT result Dec 2017 will be declared on 17th January 2018.

ICAI will also release CA Final results Nov 2017 along with CA CPT exam results on that date and CA IPCC result Nov 2017 on 1st February 2018.

Meanwhile, students want to know whether their answers are correct or not. They want to verify their answers with ICAI answer key. But ICAI doesn’t release CPT question paper outside of exam hall. Also, they don’t release any answer key for CPT exam.

But some private institutions providing CPT question paper with answer key based on students memory. We will update CPT Question Paper December 2017 with answer sheet on 19th Dec 2017. You can download CPT Dec 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key here.

Now check CPT result date Dec 2017. Here you can also check previous attempts CPT pass percentage, Centre wise results, and toppers details.

CPT Result Dec 2017 | CA Results | 18th January 2018

In general, ICAI takes at least one month time to declare CA CPT exam results. So ICAI will declare CA CPT exam results December 2017 on Wednesday, 17th January 2018 at 2.00 P.M.

Click on the links to check your exam result.

Status: Results Declared







If you are trying to check this link (icaiexam.icai.org) in Mobile (Chrome Browser) it is showing like this.


So, you should enable Desktop View on your mobile.


How to Check CPT Dec 2017 Results?

To check Caresults 2017, follow these steps.

Because of heavy traffic on result date, ICAI website servers crashes every time.

So they are providing a facility to check their result on two websites. They are http://icai.nic.in or http://icaiexam.icai.org

If you are trying to check your result on http://icaiexam.icai.org follow below steps.

  • Go to ICAI official website: http://icaiexam.icai.org
  • Log in with your Registration Number and Password.
  • Click on the link ” View ” which is pointing to CA CPT result option.
  • Then click on the link ” Confirm “.
  • Your result will appear on the screen. Then Print it for future reference.

If you are trying to check your result on http://icai.nic.in follow below steps.

  • Go to ICAI official website: http://icai.nic.in
  • Click on the link CPT exam results December 2017.
  • Enter Roll Number and (PIN Number or Registration Number).
  • Enter text in below box and submit.
  • Your result will appear on the screen. Then print it for future reference.

Do you know, you can also check your result through Email and SMS?

How to Get CPT Exam Result through Email?

Arrangements have also been made for the students of CPT Examination desirous of having results on their e-mail addresses to register their requests at the above website, i.e., http://icaiexam.icai.org/ from 12th January 2018.

Steps to register for getting Ca result through email.

  • Go to ICAI website: http://icaiexam.icai.org/

ICAI Login

  • Click on the link ” Get result through mail

ICAI Result Email Registration

  • That’s it. You need to do anything.

All those registering their requests will be provided their results through e-mail on the e-mail addresses registered as above immediately after the declaration of the result.

Further, facilities have been made for students of CPT Examination held in Dec 2017 desirous of knowing their results with marks on SMS. The service will be available through India Times.

How to Get CA CPT Result June 2017 through SMS?

For CA CPT Result June 2017 through SMS, send SMS

CACPT (Space) XXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is the six digit CA CPT roll number of the candidate

e.g. CACPT 000171

and send the message to 58888 – for all mobile services – India Times

Did you forget your CA CPT Dec 2017 Admit Card Number Or did you lost your CPT admit card? Then how to Check your CA CPT Results 2017?

Today someone messaged me that ” Sir. I forgot and lost my CPT December 2017 roll number. How to check my CPT exam result. Please tell me”.

I already told you that there are two ways to check your exam result. One is through http://icai.nic.in and another one is http://icaiexam.icai.org.

To check CA results on http://icai.nic.in, you should have Roll Number and (Registration Number or PIN).

If you forgot roll number, no problem. Here you can download your admit card again.

click on the link to download your CPT admit card/Hall ticket.


How to get My CPT Dec 2017 Roll Number?

  • Go to ICAI official website: icaiexam.icai.org
  • Log in with your ID and password. (ID is your registration number)
  • Click on the link admit card → view
  • Click Continue.
  • Then you will get your admit card on the screen.

To check your CA exam results at icaiexam.icai.org, you need to log in with your registration number and password.

That’s so simple.

Did you forget your login password also?

Don’t worry. You can reset your login password by following these steps.

Click Here For Answer

Is it Possible to Check CPT December 2017 Result without PIN?

Yes. you can check your CPT Dec 2017 result without a PIN. To check CPT December 2017 result, you should have Roll number and ( Registration Number or PIN Number). So you can check your result with roll number and registration number.

Still, if you are unable to check your exam result then Contact ICAI helpline numbers:

In the case of any difficulty, Helpline Desk may be contacted on telephone Nos. 0120-3054851, 3054852, 3054853, 3054854, 3054835, 4953751, 4953752, 4953753 and 4953754.

CA CPT June 2017 Name wise Results

Click Here to check CA CPT Name wise results for June 2017.

CA CPT Toppers Mark sheets and their Photos June 2017

ICAI won’t Release CPT Toppers List From December 2015 Attempt

Discontinuation of ranks in Common Proficiency Test (CPT)

It is hereby informed that in terms of the decision taken by the Examination Committee, declaration of ranks in respect of Common Proficiency Test(CPT), has been discontinued effect from CPT held in December 2015 onwards.

Candidates are requested to take note of the above.

Click Here to see official notification of ICAI about Discontinuation of ranks in Common Proficiency Test (CPT)

So it’s not possible to check CPT Toppers / Merit list / Rankers list June 2017.

CPT Pass Percentage June 2017 | CPT Exam Result

After declaration, of CA CPT result 2017, everyone wants to know ” What is the pass percentage of CA CPT Dec 2016 attempt “. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India will release official press note about CA CPT pass percentage June 2017  and center wise result details. The press note contains the following details i:e No. of Candidates appeared, No. of Candidates Passed ( both Male and Female) and Pass Percentage details.

Now check below CA CPT pass percentage June 2017.

Gender No. of Candidates appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
Male 49,950 19,961 39.96%
Female 38,966 16,067 41.23%
Total 88,916 36,028 40.52%

Click Here to check ICAI official notification about CPT result percentage.

Now, check below CA CPT December 2016 pass percentage.

Gender No. of Candidates appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
Male 41,877 19,185 45.81%
Female 28,444 13,473 47.37%
Total 70,321 32,658 46.44%

Click Here to check ICAI official notification about CA CPT pass percentage Dec 2016.

Now check below CPT Pass Percentage June 2016.

Gender No. of Candidates appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
Male  61574  23648  38.41%
Female  45484  18079  39.75%
Total  107058  41727 38.98%

CPT Pass Percentage Dec 2015

Gender No. of Candidates appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
Male 60271 20679 34.31%
Female  38806  13450  34.66%
Total  99077  34129  34.45%

CA CPT Pass Percentage June 2015

Gender No. of Candidates appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
Male 76179 19184  25.18%
Female  52737  13435  25.48%
Total 128916  32619 25.30%

Pass Percentage of CA CPT Dec 2014

Gender No. of Candidates appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
Male  63541  9060  14.26%
Female  37416  5820  15.55%
Total  100957  14880  14.74%

Click Here to see pass percentage analysis of CA CPT of last ten attempts.

CA CPT Result June 2017 | Centre Wise

ICAI will release CA CPT center wise results for June 2017 after the declaration of CA CPT exam results June 2017. We will update those details on results date.

Now check below previous attempts centre wise results.

December 2016:

December 2015:

Enter Ctrl+F and check your Roll Number.

Download CA CPT Result Card June 2017

Students who have passed CA CPT exam June 2017, should register for IPCC course before 30th September 2017.

For IPCC registration, you have to submit an Attested copy of CPT pass marks statement, duly attested by a Chartered Accountant/ Gazetted Officer/ Head of the Institution.

Students are advised not to wait for CPT marks statement to be received from Examination division for registration to Intermediate (IPCC) Course but proceed for Intermediate (IPCC) Course registration with a copy of downloaded CPT marks statement.

Click Here to download CPT result card June 2017. (Link will be updated soon)

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Hope this article will help you to check your CA CPT result June 2017. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask me via the comment box below. Share this article ” CA CPT Result June 2017 | Caresults.nic.in ” to your friends, who wrote CPT exam in June 2017.


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