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Essay on Corruption : How to Fight against Corruption in India

Corruption Essay : How to Fight against Corruption in India. In the previous article, we have given Essay on Women Empowerment. Today we are providing a short article on Corruption. Corruption, in one form or another, is a worldwide phenomenon. But everyone admits that corruption is something ugly, immoral and detestable. Unfortunately, in our country, corruption has become a part of life. It has entered the very roots of the Indian society. Corruption, nepotism, and dishonesty have tarnished every fabric of our social life. Our ministers are corrupt; our officers are corrupt; our people are corrupt. Every politician, without exception, is corrupt. Even our anti-corruption departments fall an easy prey to the vilest of the corrupt persons and they let them go scot free after minor punishment. The law of a land is too weak to deal with the corrupt elements with an iron hand.

Essay on Corruption How to Fight against Corruption in India

Corruption is Social Evil” “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In its simplest sense, corruption may be defined as an act of bribery or misuse of public position or power for the fulfillment of selfish motives or to gain personal gratifications. It has also been defined as

Misuse of authority as a result of consideration of personal gain which need not be monetary“.

All the leaders of India are mostly corrupted. They used to do unauthorized work for their own development.

Most of the politicians are having hundreds of crores of money but their income is not more that of Rs 50,000. They got all that money from where this is the main question that arises in mind of most of the Indians but they are not authorized to do anything. This is the result of poor government in India.

In every sector bureaucrats and politicians influence with power and money in such a manner that even the talented and most efficient people in the respective sectors would not be surviving or recruited for that matter.

Hence, in these places, the work efficiency also gets corrupted and altered as per the interests of the people in power.

Corruption starts at the higher levels and it carries its way to the lowest levels too. From the senior officer to the junior officers to the clerks, one would find corrupted people and the common man would find it difficult to bypass and get his things done.

To root out the evil of corruption from society, we need to make a comprehensive code of conduct for politicians, legislatures, bureaucrats, and such code should be strictly enforced. Judiciary should be given more independence and initiatives on issues related to corruption. Special courts should be set-up to take up such issues and speedy trial is to be promoted. Law and order machinery should be allowed to work without political interference. NGOs and media should come forward to create awareness against corruption in society and educate people to combat this evil. Only then we would be able to save our system from being collapsed.

A strong youth movement in the country only can remove corruption and each student should take a vow to begin this exercise courageously.

Presently, India figures as the seventh most corrupt country in the world according to Transparency International’, a non-government German Organization. Acceptance of gifts and rewards for work done in an official capacity, or obtaining objects or advantages., Illegally, or fraudulent use of public property, acquiring financial resources more than one’s income, abuse of public office, avoiding one’s duty or avoiding payment of taxes are a few kinds o corruption prevalent in our society today.

Various laws have been framed from time to time to prevent or at least reduce corruption. The Prevention of Corruption Act came into force in September 1988. It was an improvisation of the Act of 1947. The scope of the 1988 Act was enlarged and widened to include the term ‘public servants’. Thus if an offense against a public servant is proved in the court there will be imprisonment of not less than 6 months up to 5 years and also the person may be fined. The Central Government has set up four departments to check corruption –

  • Administrative Vigilance Division in the Department of Personnel and Training
  • Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI).
  • Domestic Vigilance units in Ministries / Departments / Public Undertaking or Nationalized Banks
  • Central Vigilance Commission.

We all need to stop talking about Corruption but we right now start ourself take the initiative and be Brave yourself. Corruption is going to end only when people like us stand up and speak out.

If we do not take a step forward to remove corruption from the root, the word developing country will always be attached to our country INDIA. So we the common man are the solution for removing corruption from our INDIA and hence we will be also helpful in making our country developed.

This has to come to an end and we need to reach a situation where every Indian should feel and say that they are living in a corrupt free land and be proud of it.

Steps to remove corruption from India permanently

  • All the politicians should realize what their main duty is.
  • Black money should be sealed by the government.
  • Youths should make a revolution against it.
  • Punishment should be given to all the corrupt person in India.

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