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CA Kart Review | Check CA Kart Students Rating and Feedback

CA KART Review

Check CA Kart Review, Rating, and Feedback from Students. CA Kart is an online marketplace which sells video lectures and books for CA, CMA, and CS students. Recently a student messaged me that ” Hi, I ordered CA IPCC new syllabus video lectures from CAkart. But they delivered IPCC old syllabus video lectures. When I call them, they didn’t respond properly. I didn’t read the reviews of this stupid site. Again, no student will be a fool like me. So please publish a review on your site.”

So guys, now here I’m giving students feedback and ratings. I have collected these feedback and ratings from their Facebook official page and their Android app in Play store.

Note: CA Winners does not have any undisclosed financial interest in providing this Review on CA Kart.

Check CA Kart Students Rating and Feedback

Rahul Mishra:

They are frauds. Selling old CA course in the name of new course. Fooling students. Never ever buy from them. Staff is highly unprofessional. Once the agent realizes student has understood the course is not new, he will stop taking calls.

Pallavi Gandhi:

CAKART services are really horrible , Please do not order classes from here . I had placed an order on 18th July 2017, till date I have not even received any shipment details forget getting the courier in 8 days . They only waste time , being a CA student time is one thing that is really precious is time . They will lure you into buying the classes call you every 2 hrs but once the order is made and the payment is done they will not respond .They will not even refund your money . Hence , in good faith I advice all my fellow students do not order from this website.


Very bad services. My payment was deducted from bank account but they are denying the payment. All the 5 Stars are from Fake IDs. You can check it.

Thier customer care never picks your call. If you want to order then they will call you but if you have the problem then they will never pick your calls. After trying more than 100 times, I receive a call back from a one of their member and he was very rude and talking like the prime minister. He said that he is not from billing department, call to them. Their billing department will never pick the call

I lose my Rs. 540 without receiving books. It’s like a scam. They just trying to grow fast without solving the customer issues. You will not be able to track your order. Very disappointed.

CA Pankaj Dharani:

Do not buy any book from ca kart …

Very horrible service

I ordered two books i.e law and ecl on 14 November and the book delivered 27 Nov and that to only 1 book i.e law …..
Called customer care number and they are just telling sorry sorry

Second time the book was delivered on 6 Dec ordered on 14 Nov , this time again they have delivered law book ..

Such a pathetic service from them …..

Plz plz plz don’t buy any book from this ca kart.

Preetham Sasha:

Do not buy anything from this website.They dont have the books in stock and they do not refund your money once they have it in their pockets.Such student oriented site cheats the students.Worst customer support.And if you request a call back on the site they just care if you want to buy something not if your refund is not received or if you have any other problems.

Harshitha Vyas:

Never order a book from this site , they ship in 20 days and charge double the print price … Got a scanner charged rs 230 for the print price of 120 and there is no proper customer support for the same.

Aayush Agarwal:

One of the most asshole site i have ever visited .. they will call you every hour for purchasing the pendrive and once you have bought that they wont take any responsibility toward the order. I ordered ipcc tax may 2018(direct +gst) and they have placed me with ipcc nov 2017 classes .. now they aren’t refunding me the money and saying that first you will have to return post the classes then they will think to provide with the classes.. guys instead you give your money to a beggar rather than giving it to this asshole site. I dont know who is the owner of the site but i want my refund back or else i am going to complain about my query online at consumer forum.. FUCKING CHEATERS. you are gonna pay heavy amount this time bitches!!

Deval Verma:

A fraud company. Bought CA Vikram Biyani IDT video for May’17 and they sent old videos recorded in 2015 & old study mat. Have many things to post, but that will take a long time, because a long trail of complaints and verbal conversation has been done. Just one word “FRAUDSTERS”

Jwal Thakkar:

Hi cakart

I have not received my order yet as promised by you. You do not answer my call, but if i call from another number and if you have missed it you call back asking yes sir what was the requirement. You got your money now you are least concern about the delivery. If you by any chance receive my call you tell me i will call you back in 2 minutes but i guess your 2 minutes are still not over.

Now let me tell you. You guys are dealing in education industry. Only 45 days left for the exams to start, i have not received my order and the best part is i still do not know i am going to receive or not.

120 hours of IDT lectures i wil take 20 days to FINISH it. Already delayed by 4 days as per your promise delivery date ,you have entirely spoiled my schedule of studies.

I want my order to be delivered by tomorrow i.e 16th of september 2015. Finally!!! do not check my patience.

Korrapati Abhay:

This is the worst website that you should not bye any books from Cakart. I paid many for 2 books they dispatched book in wrong address. I communicated this with theme but no reply from their side. They do not given refund also. They delivery time is too long if you want book for next attempt you need to order now, some times you may not get that also..if they do not have Stock they simply send you another book with same cost and after they will tell you send that book back …plzz plzz plzz students do not bye any thing from here…I want to give them 0 rating unfortunately I had no option….

Srimathi Lakshmi Narayan:

DO NOT BUY ANYTHG FROM THIS WEBSITE.These people don’t care about their customers.The customer care is the worst.These people have the nerve to cut customers calls when the fault is on their part.

Ishank Maheshwari:

You people are such a cheat.. I have been following up with you from past two days. Neither any of your executive are calling me up on my complaint instead of assuring me of a call-back. Nor your customer support people is responding to my regular calls.

I had a word with Rahul, who talked to me through the customer support number assured me of replying back to me upon my complaint but whole day has gone past and I did not receive any reply from your side. Even today when I called him back and old me about myself, he disconnected the call and never called back. The same is happening with me from past two days, each time I call at your number and talk to executive, they disconnect my call at the very moment when I talk to them about cancelling my order.

Is this what you people are all about?? Is this what you call professionalism?? This makes me feel like badly cheated.

I paid you for books in advance. And I think that’s why you people are not bothered now about listening to my complaint. So I made a big mistake by trusting over you people and this loophole is all because I paid you in advance.
This is such a poor experience. I will never refer you to anyone. You people are nothing but cheaters.

Guyz never trust your money with CA Kart. They are such big cheaters. They will never listen to you nor they will resolve your problem. Once they receive the money, they will not be bothered with anything else.

Suraj Majumdar:

Throw your money to beggars instead giving to cakart. I ordered a scanner 7 days ago and still the website is showing to dispatch.

God knows when they will sent the book and know I will study!

Sent a email about this matter and they replied to it after a day.

This is the last time I am spending money on this nonsense.

Arpit Pokharna:


These people take the liberty to play with a student’s future with such elan that it is shocking to say the least. I have been provided with outdated lectures, not vaild for my CA final attempt in the name of being the latest and updated ones. Furthermore, they are not even refunding my money for providing me a faulty product.

They don’t answer to customer’s complaints. I’ve been following them since the last 15 days but to No avail.

I urge everyone not to buy any products from this scam called CAKART. MR. ARUN KUMAR YOU FUCKING CHEATER!!

CA Kart Reviews from their Android App


Displayed new syllabus financial reporting but when purchased got the old syllabus. And no one is responding properly regarding the issue. Please avoid purchasing classes from cakart. Poor customer service.

Rishita Gajwani:

Pathetic app! So much publicity and unnecessary mails you send! And when we install it, the app doesnt even move ahead! Pathetic app ever!

Akshay Kelkar:

Bakwas app .. Never seen such faulty app ..too much process , Not proper display ..very confusing .,I wasted my time

Vandana Rajput:

Worst services… If you are new then they wil cl u many times.. Once your purchasing is done they wil ignore you, wil not reciv ur calls.. Just hate it… Unnecessary publicity.. Nd jst too show off… Very irresponsible..

Dharmik Tanna:

They are highly unethical ppl…They debited my account n now they r not delivering me the video nor refunding my money n they r forcefully selling me some other video that I don’t want.

That’s it, guys. I think it is better to stay away from this website.

If you want to read more students reviews, visit their Facebook page and Android app page.

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