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CA Final Law Important Questions and Topics For May 2017

CA Final Law Important Questions and Topics For May 2017. In the previous article, we have given How to Pass CA Final Exam in First Attempt and CA Final Tax Amendments. Today we are going to deal with the preparation of CA Final law exam which includes CA Final law important questions and topics, how to prepare for the exam, books to read for the exam, do’s and don’t in the exam and other important points.

CA Final Law Important Questions and Topics For May 2017

Before we discuss about ca final law important topics we should know  what the institute expecting from us in the law paper which means, The students are expected to have not only the analyzing skill but also application skills in company law, while in allied laws they are expected to have the analyzing skills (an overview of various allied laws) stated in the syllabus. Accordingly, preparation strategy deserves care, concern and caution.

CA Final Law Important Questions and Tips For May 2017

CA Final Law Important Questions for May 2017 along with Marks Weightage are given below. We have also written the Preparation Strategy and Tips for the entire Corporate and Allied Law Paper. The recommended reference books for CA Final law were given. We recommend students to cover the entire law syllabus and not just depend on these important topics and questions. These Important questions are means to be put more stress on before the exam day.

This paper has two sections:-

ACompany Law70
BAllied Laws30

The following are the important topics.

Based on expected marks in the upcoming May 2017 CA Final exam, we have provided this table of most important Chapters and Topics that you need to put more stress on during the exams.

Directors Contracts and Expenses8 Marks
Company Loans and Guarantees to Director8 Marks
RBI Powers8 Marks
NRI Provisions in  FEMA6 Marks
Draft Board Resolution5 Marks
CG Powers to appoint Nominee Director5 Marks
Women Director4 Marks
Relief against Mismanagement6 Marks
Declaration of Solvency4 Marks
Independent Directors5 Marks
Recognition of Stock Exchange4 Marks
Residential Status under FEMA5 Marks
Dominant Position under Competition Act6 Marks
Actions against Members of a Stock Exchange5 Marks

CA Final Law Preparation Tips For May 2017

CA Final Law is one of the two theory papers in the first group of CA Final. Compared to Auditing, it’s quite hard to score marks in Law paper. It’s not impossible, but not easy at the same time. May 2016 law exam is one of the hardest one in the recent times.

One of the biggest scoring areas in CA Final Law is Allied Laws part. Put more emphasis on Securities Contract Act, Competition Act and FEMA. Study these topics only from Practice Manual.

In Company Law part, concentrate on Appointment and Remuneration of Directors, Offences and Penalties, Mismanagement.

Why should you Quote Section Numbers?

Quoting section number are surely going to give you that extra marks. Examiners will be impressed if most of your answers are supported by a Section Number.

When you write a section number, even if there are few mistakes in the answer you have written, you can still get a good mark.

Strictly speaking quoting of section number in exam paper gives half mark only for the section quoting.Don’t forget.

Make a suitable Study Plan and allocate sufficient time for revision.

CA Final Law Best Reference Books For May 2017

First of you should complete your coaching institute material and come to practice manual, suggested answers, RTP’S, and have a mock test which will be conducted by the ICAI which will obviously helpful before the exams, and we can know our preparation level and if perform good in the mock test which increases our confidence.

It is recommended that practice manual only should not be our primary source for preparation.we should not depend only on practice manual .it is just an aid of showing how the questions are being asked in the examination.and how the answers provided. That’s all after completion of your preparation you can go for practice manual,this applies not only for Law subject which applies for all subjects.first have preparation of your coaching institutes book, and if you have time to study come for Institute inputs such as study material, practice manual, RTP and mock test papers.

If you don’t feel satisfied with your books, you can have some authors books like Munish Bhandari or Padhuka

Importance of Self Prepared Notes

Syllabus in CA Final is very extensive, and it ‘s hard to revise from the book every time. So it is crucial that you start preparing notes on your first reading itself. This may sound like a lot of work, but it will then reduce a lot-lot of your work at the time of revision.

For example: make a separate sheet for penal proviso’s, non-appointment make a separate sheet for criteria for appointment of directors like that.which will be useful in the revision time. And we can correlate the provisions one with another like penalties for failing to comply the legal non-appointment of internal auditor, and a penalty for non-constitute audit committee like that. Criteria for appointment of the internal auditor, criteria for constitute CSR committee.

The following points are also important.

1) Before starting preparation, we should thoroughly know our syllabus.

2) Have preparation on a daily basis, and have a self-test on a weekly basis.

3) First, complete your coaching material, then come to practice manual, and have mock tests before the exams.

4) Quote section number, if you don’t know the section you can leave, but don’t quote the wrong section number.

5) Try to write for 100 marks, and this requires writing practice, unless you don’t practice writing you can’t write speedily in the exam.

6) If you don’t know the answer to the given question completely, don’t leave the question, write as much as you know. This will also carry marks.

7) Moreover, our Institute says average marks for six questions would fetch more marks than five complete answers. So don’t ignore the point.

8) Write any relevant point of the question, if you don’t know the correct answer.

9) Last but not the least, Don’t discuss the paper after completing the exams. Do prepare for the next exam.

Final words

There are so many provisions to learn in CA Final Law Paper. CA Final Law is a very vast syllabus, and you should be ready for everything.

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