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21 Tips For Presentation of Answers in CA IPCC Final

21 Tips For Presentation of Answers in CA IPCC Final Exams. In the previous article, we have given 9 Study Habits of Successful CA CMA CS Students. Today we are providing 21 tips for the presentation of answers in CA IPCC and CA Final exams. It is not enough that you prepare well, it is equally essential that you present your answers well. We’re here to give you some help answering and writing exam questions that will show your knowledge to the person who reads your paper. These quick tips should be common sense but many students who are under exam stress fail to see their mistakes. Read below !!

21 Tips For Presentation of Answers in CA IPCC Final

21 Tips For Presentation of Answers in CA IPCC Final

Moment of Reckoning: Presentation of Answers

1. Avoid coming late for the examination.

2. Relax before the examination; mind works well when it is in a relaxed state.

3. Attempt those questions first which you are confident about.

4. Budget your time wisely; Utilise the 15 minutes reading time to the fullest advantage to prepare mentally as to the strategy to be followed in attempting the paper; reserve, at least, last 15 minutes for revision purposes.

5. Give working notes to each practical question properly.

6. Give your assumptions wherever necessary.

7. Be precise and to the point and do not indulge in unnecessary details.

8. While answering questions involving the application of law/standards etc, briefly state the facts, the legal position, your analysis backed up with case laws, if any and your conclusion.

9. Write legibly; avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

10. The tendency of giving long answers to short answered questions and vice-versa should be avoided.

11. Make sure, as far as possible, that your answers are reasonably complete and comprehensive, that you have met all the requirements and tied up all loose ends and there are no irrelevant discussions and details.

12. Adopt a blend of conceptual, professional and practical approach to attempt the questions and problems. Examiners should get the impression that you have prepared well for the examination and tried to reach the standard of knowledge expected of you.

13. Be brisk in writing the running matter portions of the answers, in making the computations, in doing the figure work and in presenting the Accounts in prescribed formats.

14. Leave the margin for the examiner to enter the marks.

15. In computational questions on Accounting, Management Accounting, Costing, Taxation Laws etc., give detailed working notes as part of your answers. Also, wherever relevant, spell out the assumptions on which you have based your answers.

16. In the case of essay type answers, it is desirable to give a brief introduction and quickly proceed to discuss the main theme and at the end, present a short summary or conclusion.

17. Wherever a question gives scope for alternate answers and you are aware of the possibility, you must do and justify that.

18. Don’t ever resort to unfair and objectionable means during the examination time like consulting reading material or other students, trying to peep into other’s answer books etc., which may land you into trouble. A decent and dignified behaviour by each one of you will enhance the esteem and image of the entire CA student community.

19. Carefully read the Institute’s rules and instructions on examination and comply with them.

20. Do not make any distinguishing mark/appeal in the paper.

21. Do not panic. Coolly attempt all questions and under no circumstance leave the hall in between.

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